Great Freedom



Focus on the first to third minute for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Your prayers, My people, make things happen.

(02) Sit in My presence and just let Me love you.

(03) I am the Most Hight God and I am with you for all eternity.

(04) You are Mine and we are one.

(05) Follow Christ and His teachings.

(06) Love and forgive one another, follow truth, and reject lies and deception.

(07) Seek after righteousness and know how much I love you.

(08) The time you are in will never be again and you must trust me through it all.

(09) If you dwell with Me will be truth for you.

(10) If you walk in the world it does not work.

(11) Forsake everything and follow Me into My kingdom.

(12) You are in the world but you are not of the world.

(13) Lift you brother up.

(14) Serious times are here to stay and you must obey.

(15) Walk away from evil because it just causes upheaval.

(16) My kingdom is at hand across your land.

(17) Do you understand? This is my plan.


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