Joy To The World



Focus on the second to the fourth minute for Jesus’s message.

(01) My people, I heard your hearts and cries for repentance.

(02) I want to know that the sins of others do not fall upon you.

You were washed on my blood.

(03) I see such sorrow for what has been done to the innocents.

(04) My Father will repay evil for what it has done.

(05) Expect much chaos from reprobated minds as I heal your land.

(06) My father will destroy all that is evil in His sight.

(07) Time will be very disturbing as My Father chastises the world.

(08) Build the Safe Havens.


Focus on the the fourth to the sixth minute for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I am Your Father and you are My children.

(02) I created you in Our image and likeness.

(03) You were made to have joy.

(05) Praise My Son and get out of yourselves and into My kingdom.

(06) The reason you are sad it is because you are separated from Me and each other.

(07) Joy to the world for the Lord has come.

(08) Let Earth receive its king.


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