Righteous Anger



Focus on the sixth to the ninth minute of the video for the Lord’s message.

(01) God’s righteous anger is coming on the Earth.

(02) I have the right to be angry at those who undermine My authority and take into their own hands to do whatever they desire regardless of My law.

(03) I have the right to retaliate with anger and no one will stop me from destroying evil everywhere it dwells.

(04) Get ready for the time is at hand for justification for My babies and My martyrs who unjustly were murdered.

(05) Let Me repay evil with My vengeance for it is righteous anger and it is the right thing to do.

(06) No one will stop me when I take evil and disrupt all it has done and send Satan into hell to be bound and then loosed to only be bound again.

(07) He will pay for all eternity for his crimes against humanity.

(08) All the lives lost to murder will be paid for by my vengeance on the Earth.

(09) It is my right to justify those who were slain and their blood continues to cry out to Me from the ground where the blood was shed.

(10) You have the right to come at evil and rebuke it with all the power and the fire of My Holy Spirit.

(11) It is time to pick up the sword and fight in this battle.

(12) My Word is the sword. Use every weapon I have given you for evil is not holding back and will with the vengeance come after the righteousness.

(13) Stead fast and fight and yes get angry at Satan for what he is doing and for what he has done.

(14) Complacency is not called for at this time.

(15) Your President went out and fought against the lies of the left — righteous anger.


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