This Too Shall Pass



Focus on the second to the fourth minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) This Too Shall Pass! Great freedom is coming to My people during the timeframe on the Earth.

(02) An assassination on the President through the Coronavirus has failed.

(03) The devil is on attack mode to take over America, but as Lincoln freed the slaves so too I will free America from the tyranny that seeks to control her.

(04) This virus was leashed by pure evil to kill, steal and destroy.

(05) I have come to give you life. Let me embrace you America and I will lead you. I will continue to help you find peace and I will provide for your needs.

(06) My Father will destroy all evil and you must follow My Holy Spirit to stay safe from the attempts of the evil one to stop you.

(07) I will heal your President and those he loves. His love for America and the people will continue.

(08) Pray for peace on your land and may the love that I shared on the cross for you carry across America and shine to the world.


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