Swing States in the US Presidential Election


Sky News Australia

Oct 10, 2020

Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine says it’s “game over” for Joe Biden if President Donald Trump can win Pennsylvania. Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania in 2016 by less than 1 per cent after Barack Obama carried the state by a 5.4 percentage point margin in 2012. Ms. Devine told Sky News the election result will “come down to Pennsylvania which has 20 electoral college votes”. “From my experience, I spent more time there than any of the other swing states, I feel on the ground there’s much more enthusiasm for Donald Trump,” she said. “But if Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania on the night then it’s game over, he’s won the re-election”. “If he doesn’t then who knows.” Ms. Devine also said Joe Biden campaigning in Nevada means that he might not “think he’s got that nailed down”. “Even though most pollsters are saying that Joe Biden has got Nevada,” she said. The US 2020 election is set to happen in just a few weeks on Tuesday November 3.


The video presents an apparently objective analysis of the USA Presidential Election in 2020. The narrator, Ms. Devine, claims swing states are the key of the election, and Pennsylvania is the most critical swing state. She said “if Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania on the night then it’s game over, he’s won the re-election.”


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