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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE DEEP STATE WORKS BECAUSE IT IS LED BY SATAN. The first step is to create the problem, and China and the deep state created a new virus that continues to make people sick. Part of their goal is for total control, as with the first shutdown. Another goal is to reduce the population. YOU NOW HAVE THE FRAMEWORK FOR THE NEXT PROBLEM, BECAUSE SOON YOU WILL SEE A WORSE VIRUS THAT WILL KILL EVEN MORE PEOPLE. THE NEXT STEP IS TO CREATE THE SOLUTION. THE SOLUTION WILL BE A VACCINE THAT PEOPLE WILL BE TOLD THAT THEY WILL BE HEALED. IN FACT THIS VACCINE WILL BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE, AND IT WILL BE COMBINED WITH A CHIP IN THE BODY TO TELL IF YOU HAD THE VACCINE. THERE IS EVEN A THREAT THAT THE EVIL ONES MAY USE NANO PARTICLES TO CAUSE A CONTROL OF YOUR BODY. THIS CHIP OR NANO PARTICLES WILL BE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. SO DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE AND DO NOT TAKE ANY CHIP IN THE BODY, BECAUSE IT WILL CONTROL YOUR MIND. REFUSE TO TAKE ANY FLU SHOT. REFUSE TO WORSHIP THE ANTICHRIST, AND AVOID TAKING A VIRUS TEST IF POSSIBLE. The authorities will try and kill all of those people who do not take the vaccine and the chip in the body. ALSO REFUSE TO USE 5G DEVICES BECAUSE THE MICROWAVES WILL HARM YOUR BODY. I mentioned before when you see a lot of people dying, you are to come to My refuges to be healed. This will be the chaos when I will bring My Warning experience. After the conversion time, I will call My faithful to the protection of My refuges with My inner locution. After the conversion time, get rid of all of your cell phones, TVs, and computers. You will be safe and healed at My refuges. So follow your guardian angel to My refuges. Have no fear because I will cast all of the evil ones into hell. My faithful I will bring into My Era of Peace and later into heaven.”


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