Prophets and God’s Omniscience


a man wearing a suit and tie: Biden leads Trump by double digits: poll

© Getty Images Biden leads Trump by double digits: poll


The USA Presidential Election of 2020 is much more than Republican Donald Trump vs Democrat Joe Biden. It is the Western Civilization vs Marxism, New World Order plus The Antichrist and his father Satan.

The Almighty Father has already communicated to us through His prophets the reelection of President Donald Trump. Vote Trump to strengthen God’s plan for salvation of humanity! I question the reliability of polls about “Biden leads Trump by double digits. The omniscient Father also mentioned massive fraudulent mail in ballots by the democrats.

Judeo-Christian Influence on Western Civilization

Western Civilization was originally influenced by Greece and Rome. The second major influence on Western civilization is a Judeo-Christian heritage, informed partly by Jewish custom but primarily by the Christian heritage.

Christian morality and virtues have formed the basis of most Western schools of ethics and behaviors, influencing ideas from sexual conduct to one’s place in society.

Western civilization is a combination of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman values. Greeks and Romans established the basis for Western philosophy, but it has been maintained through Judeo-Christian morality.


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