Hunter Biden ‘conspiracy’


Former Mayor of New York City, and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani comments exclusively on the latest developments regarding Joe and Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden’s alleged dealings and wrongdoings overseas, as well as a perceived ‘media bias’ in coverage of the story, and how it may affect Joe Biden’s Election Day chances. – with Newsmax TV’s Shaun Kraisman.


The New York Post story ran on Wednesday, Oct. 14. The next day, ABC hosted a town hall forum with Joe Biden. The moderator George Stephanopoulos did not ask any question about his son Hunter Biden.

The story has reached as few voters as possible, because it is embarrassing for the Biden campaign. There is no question about where the media’s loyalties lie.

We expect the final presidential debate this Thursday, October 22, 2020, to be spirited. Americans have been early voting, but I will vote after the debate to obtain more information for decision making.

I participated in a jury trial and the judge informed the jury at the trial beginning to keep our mind open to all evidence and decide at the end of the trial. The same principle should apply to presidential voting.


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