Western Civilization under Attack



Former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger says in elections where Western Culture is under attack, as in the upcoming US presidential election, the shy-Trump-vote effect is at 10 out of 10.

“The one thing we don’t know is how all the pollsters have changed their polling to take into account the shy Trump voter effect.” Mr. Kroger said.

“Where issues where Western Culture is under attack during an election campaign, then the shy Trump vote effect is at its absolute maximum.

“Where there are no Western cultural issues at play, like the Queensland election or the Northern territory election, there’s no shy Trump voter effect.

“But in Brexit, in Trump ‘16, in Trump ’20, where people are worried about the future of the great civilization that the Western nations have built, the shy-Trump-voter effect is at 10 out of 10.

“We have no ide how the pollsters have factored that into their polling.


This election is much more than Trump vs Biden and Republican Party vs Democratic. Central to this election is the Western Civilization vs Communism, God vs Satan, Heaven vs Hell, Christ vs Antichrist and Democracy vs New World Order.

If the American voter wants to preserve the Western Civilization, embrace God, seek Heaven, follow Christ and live in Democracy, the voter must select President Trump and the Republican Party.

The majority of early voters, pursuant to mainstream media’s polls, has preferred Biden, Democratic Party, Communism, Satan, Hell, Antichrist and New World Order. Are the polls unreliable or early voters wrong?

Republicans are confident they will turn the tide this Tuesday, November 3, 2020.



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