Mainstream Media and the Elections



The former New York City mayor declined to comment when asked if he had in fact been in talks with U.S. Intelligence officials on the election irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.



Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi says while the presidential election result is still “up for grabs”, there is one indisputable conclusion: “you can no longer rely on what you’re told by the mainstream media”.

“Not only do they often tell outright lies, which are often constructed around anonymous sources, they dismiss the truth when it’s presented to them, they refuse to cover important news, and often, they denigrate those who disagree with them,” Mr. Bernardi said.

“For four years, the US media, and many establishment outlets around the world, have waged a public relations war against Donald Trump. It was primarily targeted at allegations of election collusion with Russia.”

“These media outlets all knew what the US intelligence services all knew, that these allegations were entirely manufactured and fabricated by Hillary Clinton as a distraction from her illegal email activities while she was secretary of state.”

“So too have they turned a blind-eye to the Hunter Biden scandal which allegedly linked his father to a massive cash for access scheme involving some of America’s enemies.”

“They ignored it, and then they claimed it was part of some Russian disinformation bid.”

Mr. Bernardi said the media’s “cover-ups for Biden Senior and Junior” and “bogus claims about Donald Trump” were “all about influencing last week’s election result”.

“Now I don’t mind saying, it didn’t work. The Trumpsters came out in force,” he said.

“But unfortunately, so too did the Democratic dead and their dodgy ballot harvesters; they resurrected, they brought, they bullied, they bribed thousands upon thousands of votes.”

“And the media, of course, deny that this is correct.”

“There are clear breaches of electoral law.”

“All of these claims which can be backed up and verified were first ignored by the mainstream media, then they were denied by the mainstream media, and now they’re claiming they’re episodic, meaning they’re confined to small areas, rather than systemic corruption and failure.”

“The shameful conduct of the mainstream media has smashed their credibility and authority and I’m not sure it can be repaired.”

“Put simply, they’re not worthy of your trust because you cannot rely on what they tell you.”


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