Proclaim Liberty



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Why did America turn against herself?

(02) You were founded for religious freedom and liberty from oppressive governments.

(03) Socialism is an ideology that makes One World Government the focus on power.

(04) This is not America as you are and this is not the America you want to become.

(05) You cannot allow this socialist agenda to suppress who you are your freedom.

(06) America stood out to the world as a beacon of light for truth and justice.

(07) When did you become a nation of lies and deception?

(08) Evil has come into the camp and you must remove it.

(09) It is time for you to turn back to Me.

(10) Decency will win this war for My people are still in great number in America.

(11) The lies and the deception are being revealed.

(12) Trust Me while I turn this ship back towards the lighthouse, My Son.

(13) Hold on to truth and justice for they will prevail.

(14) Watch America to be freed from all evil that seeks to suppress My Will.


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