Prayer and Meditation



Prayer vs Meditation

Prayer and meditation are forms of communion and communication with God. Prayer and meditation allows a person to reach his inner self and attain peace with himself and God. This article differentiates prayer from meditation.


Believers pray to talk to God, tell Him about their sufferings, and ask Him for relief and solution. Prayer is looking inwards to open and pour our heart in front of God. Prayer reminds us of the duality between God and us as we sing His praises. Prayer is a ritual made to connect and communicate with God, but it has unfortunately become a means of asking for worldly things and solutions to problems and sufferings.


Meditation is communication with God largely practiced in the East. Christianity and Judaism in the West practice prayer and neglect meditation. Meditation is a practice where a person concentrates by removing all outside distractions to listen to God. Meditation is not practiced with a purpose in mind. The goal of meditation is to attain a deep relaxation.


You can pray and meditate with God, the Blessed Mother Mary, the angels and the saints.

A confessor asked me once to meditate on “Mary under the Cross”, for penance. I attained a deep relaxation and developed a deep recognition for the Blessed Mother’s redemptive role.


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