Meditation and Contemplation



Meditation is a human mode of prayer whereas contemplation is divinely infused prayer.

Meditation uses images, concepts and reasoning to commune with God. It includes all forms of prayer in which human effort is quite active, and can offer only a remote knowledge of God. Prayer and virtue cannot be separated. We are drawn away from the “sensual” as we strive to unite our will with the Will of God and we express this through the virtue of our actions.

Meditation is intended to lead to contemplative prayer, it is divinely produced and no amount of action on our part can produce or prolong it. The action belongs to the Holy Spirit and we only to dispose ourselves to receive the graces of God. We have entered into a wordless prayer, an awareness of the Divine Guest within, not through the use of the intellect but through a knowing loving, a deep communion with the Triune God. God doesn’t give Himself but to those who give themselves entirely to Him.

Contemplative prayer is a normal, common experience of the Christian life. It is God’s to give when and where He wills. Our preparation is to live the Gospel life and to be receptive to the graces God continually gives us.



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