Violence in America



Sky News Australia 

November 21, 2020

Sky News host Rowan Dean says what is currently being observed in America “doesn’t sound like the unity that we were promised from Joe Biden”.

It comes after last week, police had to intervene when Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters crossed paths with Trump supporters on the main street leading to the White House.

Sky News host Rita Panahi spoke of the Trump rally seen last week in Washington DC.

“We saw the leftist agitators come out and some really disturbing, vicious attacks, including against women and children (and) elderly people,” Ms. Panahi said.


Joe Biden said “it is time to heal and unite” in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election. The call was quite premature . . . The time to heal and unite will come after December 14, 2020, when the Electoral College will certify the election in the US House of Representatives.


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