Willfully Misleading Media



For the media to relentlessly insist President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud or irregularity are baseless shows they are “willfully misleading the public”, says Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens.

“There’s also this insistence that Trump is losing court case after court case, that’s not true,” Ms. Cousens told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.

“According to Rudy Giuliani they only actually have about three cases on the go.”

“The most important point here is that the media is insisting and insisting that Pennsylvania certified its votes and so has Michigan and so is these other states – so that’s it that’s final.”

“That’s not the case, votes can be decertified by a court order.”

“Ms. Cousens said the “buck stops with the legislature.”

“There are legs on this yet, and I am fascinated to see what happens,” she said.


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