TRUMP: The Last NWO Obstacle


This article is an adapted synopsis of Cesare Sacchetti’s Italian publication.


Coup d’état in the US: the New World Order doesn’t want to let America go.

Trump is ready to counterstrike.


The news came last Saturday from Great Britain. The British health authorities claimed a new alleged mutation of COVID-19, 70% more contagious than the previous version. The “pandemic” would be an even bigger charade than previously imagined.

The news came last Saturday from Great Britain. The British health authorities claimed a new alleged mutation of COVID-19, 70% more contagious than the previous version. The “pandemic” would be an even bigger charade than previously imagined.

On Monday night, the Italian military hospital of Celio tested a patient who returned from Great Britain and who was positive for the second version of the virus.

Covid-21 will launch the second phase of the terrorist operation

There is a rush to proceed with the application of the plan and to get to 2021 to finally execute the second part of the COVID-19 terrorist operation.

The first part of the plan was conceived to restrict individual liberties and lay the ground for the biggest economic crisis in world history.

There will be no room for individual behaviors forbidden by the New World Order. Everyone will have to comply with the system’s instructions and human freewill will be completely annihilated through new technologies such as the microchip brain implant.

In this plan, 2021 would be the next phase, namely the advancement towards the definitive realization of the world government wished by Freemasonry and globalism.

A new version of the virus, “COVID-21”, was needed because the old one had fulfilled its purpose. It has higher transmissibility and is potentially more lethal.

Covid-21 will be the way to trigger a global economic collapse

“COVID-21” is following the elites’ schedule. The governments will use its alleged dangerousness as a pretext to enforce stricter lockdowns. The media will inflate the danger by launching a massive terrorist campaign.

Lockdowns will fulfill trigger an unprecedented economic crisis to lead to a global famine scenario. The UN, the organization chosen by the elite as the basis for the future world government, has mentioned the possibility that famines will plague mankind in 2021.

Globalism wants to disrupt the supply chain to create a food shortage. Bread riots will follow, and the masses exhausted by hunger will rebel facing the starvation possibility. The elites will declare martial law to contain the riots.

The economy will be dominated by a tiny elite and every economic sector will be incorporated by big multinationals.

The second phase of the COVID-19 operation will create a two-class system, and work will disappear.

The elite will put the masses before a choice. Take part in the Great Reset that proposes private debt relief and the renouncing of every personal belonging. The masses will own nothing, and the elite will own everything.

Whoever accepts this condition will receive the “universal income”, which will be a governmental pittance for those who accept the Great Reset.

The other condition is receiving the vaccine. Those who refuse it will be banned from every public place, including schools and theaters.

Unvaccinated people will be in the same conditions as the Jews during WW2, and will seriously risk deportation to concentration camps. Globalism is showing its real authoritarian nature, even more, criminal and repressive than Nazism.

The Great Reset is the great catalyzing event that globalism had been looking for many decades to reach the final goal of world dictatorship ruled by this elite inspired by satanic ideas.

Trump: the last obstacle against the NWO

Donald Trump stands between the world and this dark plan.

When George H. Bush at the end of the first Gulf War announced to the US and the world it was time to move into the New World Order, the globalist elite was sure that they would implement their plans.

Globalism conceived the biggest electoral fraud in the US and world history to regain the American presidency.

A free and independent America is a contradiction to the globalist agenda. A world government cannot exist without the United States. This is the reason the deep state orchestrated electoral fraud. Under a Biden administration, the Great Reset will be unstoppable.

Trump is the last obstacle and the President should be ready even to enforce martial law to prevent the fall of America to China, the nation the elites gave the leadership of the world dictatorship.

Whatever the outcome of this battle between the children of light and the children of darkness is, mankind will face great suffering.

Even if Trump succeeds in foiling the coup against him [He will succeed], the deep state would activate its terroristic cells of Black Lives Matter and Antifà to trigger a civil war in America.

The world lives in an age of spiritual, moral and intellectual decadence

Therefore disorder will be inevitable and a lot of suffering will follow. This historical period is one of great spiritual, moral, and intellectual decadence. It precedes a return of the faith and a period of great prosperity and peace before the final manifestation of The Antichrist.

America is called to a final choice now. A choice, light or dark, that can change a person’s fate forever. It is up to every single American to make this choice.


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