What is the main duty of the US Supreme Court?

The main duty of the justices of the Supreme Court is to hear and rule on cases. The tasks involved are deciding which cases to hear from among the thousands appealed to the Court each year; deciding on the case itself; and determining an explanation for the decision, called the Court’s opinion.

What does it mean if the Supreme Court does not hear the case?


What is the most important role of the Supreme Court?

The most important function of the Supreme Court is to rule on important points of law in cases which are significant for the entire legal order, guiding the administering of justice in future cases.

Was the recent Texas case significant for the entire legal order?


What are the exclusive powers of the Supreme Court?

In all cases in which a State shall be a party.

The Supreme Court also has the power of judicial review, which is to dclare a law or act of Congress or the President to be unconsitutional.

The Texas case was an exclusive power of the Supreme Court.


Being a Supreme Court justice is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But it’s still a job, and a grueling one, at that. Justices often evaluate thousands of cases a year, selecting dozens that will go before the court and making decisions that will impact millions of Americans.

The position does come with some decent perks, though, like lifetime employment, a generous retirement package and obvious prestige. As Justice Clarence Thomas once told California college students, being on the Supreme Court is an honor, but he wouldn’t say he actually liked it. In fact, he lamented, there’s no money and no privacy.


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