May God Bless America


Maranatha Spring and Shrine

Ohio, USA


Messages from Holy Love Ministries

(01) Blessed Virgin Mary – January 1, 2020

“In this nation (USA), there will be new threats to national security. Good will be betrayed. Sinister plots will be revealed just in time, as the decade wears on. This nation, however, will not succumb to the evil of the One World Order and therefore, the control of the Antichrist. Change will bring about a conviction of consciences.”

(02) St. Michael the Archangel – January 1, 2020

Your country (USA) will always remain independent, protecting its freedom from would-be marauders – economic or otherwise.”

(03) God the Father – August 12, 2020

“In ‘God We Trust’ has been a promise on the currency of this nation all along. Now, is the hour, when this trust must bear fruit. Nefarious agendas are afoot to usher in liberal leaders. If such a movement succeeds, many freedoms will be lost. While I honor free will, I now seek to direct free will away from certain dangers. The only way this President can be removed from office is through a dishonest election – that is not from Me – it is Satan’s plan. The voting process, which has been in place all these years, has been carefully guarded and respected. This process must not be changed. Mail-in ballots lend themselves to dishonesty. The honest, down to earth people would never consider this as an alternative. I am asking you to pray that this fraudulent plan is exposed for what it is. Your freedom is at stake.”

(04) God the Father – September 23, 2020

You must understand, dear children, that the final results of this election will be long in coming. It will not be like the winner crossing the finish line and the victory secured and determined with certainty. There will be many investigations into fraudulent efforts.

(05) God the Father – November 4, 2020

“Do not allow any decision to create violence in your hearts. The peace you desire is within reach. Surrender to My Call to live in Holy Love. Lead the way in this effort. Let all your reactions to any result of this election be prayer, prayer and more prayer.

(06) God the Father – November 6, 2020

“The ones who manipulated this most recent election in your nation are not part of My Kingdom on earth.  They chose to disregard My Divine Will which is always Truth in thought, word and deed.  This really wasn’t an election at all, but a melodrama scripted by unseen forces.  To uncover the Truth will be costly in time and effort, but courageous effort must be poured into uncovering the Truth.

(07) Blessed Virgin Mary – November 7, 2020

The election results are illicit and do not reflect the heart of this nation. Nefarious efforts worked in the background to undermine the Truth. Exert your prayer efforts that your President (Donald J. Trump) is successful in exposing Satan’s plans. The soul of your nation needs to unite in this prayer.“

(08) God the Father – November 18, 2020

Pray that your President (Donald J. Trump) does not concede, but uncovers the Truth of his victory. Pray that this evil is temporary.“

(09) God the Father – November 27, 2020

“Pray for freedom from the coronavirus and truthful exposure of all the voter fraud which took place in America recently.“

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