Trust Me in The Storms



The Holy Spirit has taught me “to walk by faith, not by sight”, and I firmly believe President Trump will return to the White House for his consecutive term.

Focus on the beginning of the video until the fifth minute for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Do not dismay over a stolen election, the insurrection.

(02) You will understand why the steal took place and Biden took Trump’s place.

(03)America is Mine, you will stand for her and keep her safe from all the disgrace.

(04) Evil wants to take over and destroy her existence. I am his resistance.

(05) While you wait for America to return, you will learn how to walk in My kingdom on Earth with this new birth.

(06) Bless are those who do not see, yet believe in My goodness.

(07) Try to separate yourself from the world for it will surely fall.

(08) The seals open one by one to mark the return of My Son.

(09) Make sure you will have your lamp filled with oil for My Son’s return.

(10) The Antichrist will reign on he world, but will never take over My new birth.

(11) America will stand with Me for this is My plea to keep her free.

(10) This election was all fake. Wait until I correct the wrong.

(12) They are already caught, they were all bought, and evil will cave.


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