Wait in Faith for God’s Deliverance


God wants you to wait upon Him like Noah because He promised

We get so carried away in our own distractions, we need to wait upon the Lord for His deliverance in our life


Prophets have declared Trump’s a second consecutive term, but Biden is in office instead of Trump. Satan stole the election and many are anxiously waiting for God’s presidential deliverance.

God never fails on His promises, but man is free to sin . . . an existential dichotomy . . . and God ultimately prevails in His due time, different from human time.

Some prophets are declaring a spiritual renewal in America. God’s deliverance and spiritual renewal seem impossible amid social and political chaos.

God is omnipotent and omniscient. He is waiting for the appropriate time to crush His enemies, deliver on His presidential promise, and then spark a spiritual renewal.


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