The Wonder of Why



Focus on the beginning of the video until the fifth minute for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My people will return to the White House.

(02) America has been the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

(03) You never thought evil would ever come and steal that away.

(04) My people have fallen asleep and in your slumber you have ignored and allowed

much evil to become acceptable.

(05) You did not see this as a spiritual battle between good and evil until now, when it

has become so noticeable you can no longer deny it.

(06) Satan is looking to truly take over my planet Earth.

(07) Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear can recognize what is going on.

(08) The rest just sit back in their slumber and do nothing to rebuke them.

(09) I have to make you see the evil you are dealing with so you can pray, rebuke and

fight for America.

(10) Man plays a major part in these end times for he is the one who sees and hear

through the prophets.

(11) The Arks of Safety are vey real and will be places to go to to leave unsafe areas.

(12) If man truly understood what is going on, he would be on his knees praying, fasting

and rebuking it all in the name of Christ.

(13) This takeover happened on man’s watch of America and his complacency with evil.

(14) It happened so that you could see clearly what you are dealing with, so you would

can rise and wake up.

(15) America will be the lighthouse for all the world to see.

(16) Evil will reprieve as truth and justice take place in your country.

(17) Ignorance plays as much a part in destruction as evil does.


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