Congressional Farce



The pathetic political show for America and the world ended in the US House of Representatives, but the representatives who with the democrats may face undesirable consequences at reelection.

The show moves next week to the US Senate, and five republican senators intend to join the democrats, but can still change their minds to prevent undesirable consequences at reelection.

Congress is pursuing a political trial, not an impeachment, because President Trump is not in office. I did not find anything reprehensible in his speech before the march of January 6 toward the US Capitol, and he can plead the fifth.

All congressional members have sworn under oath to uphold the US Constitution. Are they trustworthy? The Senate can still stop the detestable trial . . .

Congress wants to bar the former President Trump from public office. The prerogative belongs to Americans at the voting booth, and Congress should respect “We the People“.

Congress is frenetic, but should rather rush the 2020 federal tax refund and all financial stimulus checks to Americans, mainly single mothers with young children.


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