Christ: America Is Mine



Focus on the start until the fourth minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) My people, this evil agenda will not last, it will pass.

(02) My hand is in this very situation that has come against your nation.

(03) The coup has been going on for quite some time.

(04) There are those working behind the scenes to change what it seems.

(05) They will not stop until they caught all the cops who went bad and turned to evil

for their approval.

(06) Votes were recorded over and over again, and you all know it was pretend.

(07) They push their evil agenda, but they will surrender.

(08) I am your Lord God who runs this show, don’t you yet know?

(09) Let him swear, let him dare, his power to mine does not compare.

(10) Wait while this evil plays itself out, and then turns about.

(11) It will move forward but will be thwarted as My Spirit moves in to declare it.

(12) Your emotions are running very high and I see you all with your with sighs.

(13) Evil will go into the abyss.

(14) Do not cry My love because I gave you My dove.

(15) It is just a matter of time before evil is left behind.

(16) Let us stand together with this crazy weather.

(17) Satan will refrain from all his disdain.

(18) America belongs in My hand, for its My Land and was dedicated to Me.

(19 Do you now understand America will stand.


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