Stop The Hate Before It’s Too Late



The Almighty Father has given two messages in poems.

Focus on the second to the fifth minute of the video for the first poem.

(01) The truth must be told.

(02) You must speak your plea.

(03) Those who were witnessed to the crime of the steal must bring forth their appeal.

(04) If America is content to have a thief in the White House then stay silent.

(05) Time to stand up and be bolder.

(06) We all have the key to truth with the burden of the proof.

(07) Time to stand up and fight this lie and untie the rope.

(08) The rope of bondage was placed around our country so the secret can remain


(09) Silence you here and silence you there how can you even dare.

(10) Truth will find its way to the surface.

(11) The longer he can keep us quiet the more his lies will come out to deny us.

(12) We want our President back in the White House for he won, we have no doubt.

(13) We ask you Father, in Jesus’ name, to end this evil game.

(14) Help the truth to be heard and stop all that is absurd.

(15) Thank you Holy Trinity for hearing our plea to save America so that it may be free.


Focus on the fourth to the ninth minute of the video for the second poem.

(01) You go against the God of the Universe as if He did not exist.

(02) You will answer to Christ . . . what will you say?

(03) God reigns supreme and He will be seen.

(04) Judgment comes and where will be Christ’ thumb pointing?

(05) Repent today without delay, God is love and He is also judge.

(06) God is right and you are wrong when you do not listen to His song.

(07) No more hate, it is not for a debate, God does not discriminate.

(08) You are precious at God’s sight if you choose His love tonight.

(09) Freedom is for all. Will you answer God’s call or you will watch yourself fall?

(10) This may be your last call, read the writing on the wall,

(11) It is a disgrace when a baby is born alive and you decide it should not thrive because

your abortion did not work.

(12) What happen to your heart? You gave it to Satan.

(13) When did murder become acceptable? Everybody that is born is God’s delight.

(14) Hell is no place to stay. Repent today.


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