Be Patient



If you are not patient you may become a patient.

Focus on the seventh to the tenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) You are impatient and the situation is not becoming to you.

(02) I mean all things work for good for those who love the Lord.

(03) Let this election go, do not agonize over it.

(04) The power is in My hands.

(05) Those who followed my instructions bought gold and silver.

(06) There must exist circumstance for gold and silver to rise.

(07) Your real president waits patiently while the steal is revealed.

((08) But you, My people are angry and annoyed at the entire situation.

(09) You must know what are the liars and deceivers so that America returns to Me.

(10) My money is gold and silver.

(11) You will see them rise in value.

(12) Evil will make its last attempt to take over the world.

(13) America and Israel are Mine and no one will destroy them.

(14) Allow joy to permeate your soul and spirit.


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