Things To Come



Focus on the second to the seventh minute of the video for God’s Message.

(01) You want to to know all details of world affairs.

(02) You search the Internet for all the negative messages.

(03) You all live in fear expecting one nightmare after another.

(04) People create fake videos and say they are news.

(05) Believe in the Book of Revelation.

(06) Are you preparing for the wrath to come?

(07) It is time to seek the real truth. My Word is the truth.

(08) Prophets who speak off My Word are not My prophets.

(09) If people say Christ is here or there do not believe them.

(10) The world will know of Christ’s return when it happens.


Focus on the ninth to the eighteenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s prophecies.

(01) on record

(02) An earthquake will hit San Francisco and many people will be killed.

(03 A heavy economic collapse is in progression.

(04) Volcanic eruptions will come to America and devastate many people.

(05) The Mississippi River will overflow and cause the worst flood in the river history.

(06) Store extra food because the shelves will be bare again.

(07) on record

(08) Meteors are on their way to Earth, but not yet again.

(09) Trump will be back.

(10) Evil destroyed the cherry blossoms.

(11) Hail storms will dump large chunks of ice on places across the world.

(12) on record.

(13) Evil will be stopped by the hand of God.

(14) We will be teaching our children to praise God.

(15) America will shine again in spite of the evil in the world.

(16) Trees will lose their leaves in an untimely fashion.


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