Brink of a Nuclear Disaster



February 16, 2021 – Words from Jesus & Sister Clare

May the Lord renew us with diligence in prayer, so that we may lift up heartfelt cries against Satan’s agents of destruction. May we be heard on High by God Almighty, so that He would intervene and save us from our enemies… Amen

Well, my dear family, I must share with you what the Lord is saying to us here in the community. There are several visions we have been piecing together, to understand what could happen soon. One of our members had a vision of Father God weeping with His head in His hands. He also saw Jesus weeping in the same manner.

My dear ones, the Lord continues to tell us that He is not just on His way anymore, no, but that He is at the door already. Family, I believe that there is something excessively big about to happen in America, unless God intervenes, and I am seeking the Lord about how to avoid what we believe is coming.

I know we need to go deeper in our repentance, on a national scale, as well as preparing other souls for what is yet to come. From the way Jesus has spoken to my heart, I believe, we are on the verge of a horrific war, and that before the dust settles, the Lord will come for His church.

I have shared with you many times, what attitude of heart and what sort of life you need to be living to qualify to be taken. Jesus is coming for the Bride that resembles Him. The Bride that loves and forgives others, provides for the needs of the poor, and tells the truth, and is not selfishly embroiled in the world and its agenda.

As I went into prayer last night, feeling such sorrow for our nation and the world, I was praying intensely, and it came to me… WE NEED TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THIS! Just because we were shown what could happen does not mean that it has to happen. We have an opportunity to pray that it does not happen. People are tired and weary of well-doing, and many are disillusioned about the election, which will soon be reversed; I am hoping during the first week of March. There are many signs that point in that direction.

But the Lord promised to help us when we were weary, so now I cry out to Him… ‘Lord we ARE weary! Please revive us.’ As I said, our prayers are working, so they are praying that we will grow weary in well doing, that we will become indifferent and lazy. I have felt these feelings, we have all felt them on the refuge, so we are fighting against them with more deliberate prayer especially in tongues and music set on shuffle. We are also putting our armor on.

We must breathe in Jesus and ask that our hearts be synchronized with His. Beloved ones let us all pray for the malfunction of weapons of war that are planned against us. Let us all pray also that those who are still asleep will wake up. He is at the door! Lord, I have no words, only sorrow…

(Jesus) “Yes Clare, I know this sorrow well. It is for the suffering that the inhabitants of this planet will go through. But you are wise to pray against these weapons, they can be stopped if everyone prays deeply, passionately from the heart. Yes, My Father answers prayer, especially the prayers of the elect because they do not ask for frivolous things. None the less, cry out to Him full throated to halt the weapons that are being planned against you.

“Perhaps He will show mercy, even to a people undeserving of mercy, for many who call themselves Jews are of the synagogue of Satan. Many who reside in New York City call themselves Jews but do not believe. They are Jews by culture only, but not by their faith in God. And that does not qualify them for protection.

“Understand there are many things to overcome. I am the Messiah of a people who reject Me, and as a result Satan wants to see them overcome and without hope, yet I will never abandon those who cry out to Me, Jew, or Gentile, for I love them even as My dear children. If only they would hearken to Me and not seek other lovers and sources of protection.


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