Fight The Good Fight (Again)



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) No time to sit and whine while the enemy dines.

(02) No one wants to wait for the victory.

(03 The pleading to Me for the change has already been arranged.

(04) Stop and smell the roses while everything composes.

(05) Waiting is never fun, but has begun.

(06) Time for the plot to fail.

(07) Their faces will be pale as the truth is unveiled.

(08) Time to take your stance on the truth of this stolen election.

(09) This is the insurrection.

(10) Build the Safe Havens.

(11) Time is critical to build them while you wait for MY SON.

(12) This administration [Biden] is on sinking sand.


(a) God must stop evil.

(b) Those in the White House right now are not working for God.

(c) Anybody that says abortion is good is not working for God.

(d) It is a murder to kill a survivor of abortion per the US Constitution. (*)

(*) Where is SCOTUS?


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