America Will Shut Down



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s Message.

(01) China is going to cyber attack America.

(02) It will be so bad America will shut down.

(03) America will pay the price for her arrogance towards Me.

(04) 9/11 will be nothing comparing to this cyber attack.

(06) You have allowed an unfit president to sit into the White House.

(06) You could have followed the Truth, but you did not . . .

(07) I must stop this regime by folding it.

(08) You have weakened your spiritual forces through fear.

(09) Why did you ignore the facts and sit back?

(10) Now you must see it through the hard way.

(11) Your gold and silver will see you through.

(12) Follow the dove, it is the way you will find My love.

(13) It is time to choose between Me and Satan.

(14) Stay out of sin.


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