It’s Your Dime



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Holy Spirit’s message.

(01) America is about to lose the dime.

(02) There will be a crash like never before.

(03) The banks will shut the doors.

(04) You have been talking about such a crash for many years.

(05) It will now bring many tears.

(06) Big Tech will be creamed by the economic scheme.

(07) Repent before it is too late and thus you seal your fate.

(08) Evil will go packing.

(09) It had enough of this cash flow.

(10) Gold and silver are Mine. Do not you know?

(11) The Father will crash the almighty dollar.

(12) The dam will be open to clean the White House.

(13) Truth, justice and the true American Way will be here to finally stay.

(14) Gold and silver will glitter and shine in America and the world during this economic fall.

(15) Repent, join My kingdom today, and do not delay.

(16) This is the Holy Spirit. Will you hear Me?


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