Petrus Romanus, April 26, 2020


Message from Saint Peter to Paolina (English-Polish) – 26 April 2020 | Little Pebble

Message from Saint Peter to Paolina

From the morning of 6:00 I pray to God for our future Pope, and Saint Mark is present in the Chapel of Apparitions. He taught me a lot. After Angelus, St. Peter appeared to me. I saw His face filled with sorrow. He showed me the Vatican and shed tears.

When his tears fell on the Vatican, I saw the light explode. I was shown priests, bishops, cardinals and the last pope, Petrus Romanus. Around him was a countless crowd that intoned loudly and clearly Petrus. The crowd was full of joy. I saw people of all races. I couldn’t count them, there were so many of them.

It was then that the Face of St. Peter flashed. Then he spoke to me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My Little Paoline, I greet you.

Thank you for passing these words on to the world.

My Dear Children, I am St. Peter talking to you.

My children, the Church, survived these last hours. The Church fell victim to Satan. He infiltrated it and destroyed the work that My Successors had done. My consecrated men fell into a trap, preferring modernism over traditionalism. Holy Altars have been tainted, holy sacrifice of mass trampled, ridiculed.

Desecration has begun. Many Christians suffer because of their faith. But, My Dear Children, do not be afraid; keep your faith. In His great kindness, the Father foresaw everything, He has a plan of salvation for the Holy Church.

From this country that has lost its titles, from this country that has forgotten Divine Laws, victory will come. Yes, my youngest from France will receive the necessary help for my successor, Petrus Romanus, Pierre le Romain. From this country, the procession is already forming. The army began deploying.

The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother works and you must support it. My Peter II is now receiving unconditional support from this Order to move forward and to help him in his mission.

My Son, My Peter II, after unjust condemnation, behold, the people will cry out your name; Then you will be at the head of the Church to straighten the Holy Church with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My Son, My Peter II, My Petrus Romanus, God has seen your sufferings, He has seen your tears; He walks in front of you. He always saved you. Now He still saves you.

Heaven works through the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. Heaven asked all of His children to gather around the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. Heaven asked everyone to join this order to comfort the last pope. Listen, do not neglect his holy requests. You asked for help. Behold, the Father answered.

The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother contains the Keys to Victory. This order must be known to all. Follow her example, follow this order led by Mary herself.

This order corresponds to heaven’s requests. Follow Peter II, I insist, follow this order. It ensures victory for My People;

My children, you who work backstage, you multiple your efforts, help the order of order to be heard more. Time is ticking, we have to act fast.

My children, I have to return, but don’t forget what I told you.

Spread this message after my departure. Announce the message to my chosen children, the ones who work closely with the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother.

The Eternal Father sends His Blessing to you through me; He loves you so much.

In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

St. Peter showed me where to send the message. Then he disappeared.


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