America: Land of The Free



Focus on the third to the sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My America has surely taken a hit.

(02) The Land of The Free will not be taken away.

(03) My plan of redemption is already in operation.

(04) I stop this connection to China with all this cyber.

(05) Trump is the President and it is time for correction.

(06) Satan tried to make his move against My land. It is time to remove his hand.

(07) Time for Americans to take their stand for this is My promised land to My People.

(08) Those who have My love will walk with My dove and share Him to the world.

(09) The evil regime will go up in a swirl.

(10) My Holy Spirit will move in this late hour.

(11) Rise up America and be the beacon of the light to the world.

(12) Let the Holy Spirit swirl from sea to sea and land to land.

(13) It is time for gold and silver to glitter.

(13) Christ is the king . . . let This Truth ring.

(14) Do not squelch the Holy Spirit, but let all hear Him.

(15) Freedom reigns in America and My light will shine.

(16) Pray for this is the day I have taken my stand across your land.

(17) The world will know America does glow.

(18) Love Christ, says the Almighty Father, let us all hear it, says the Holy Spirit.


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