World about to change


The Rapture is held back & The World is about to change

❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ


May 3, 2021 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) My precious family of Heartdwellers. May the Lord sustain us and may we look only to Him for all of our needs. Yesterday one of our core group members got a random message from our website that said the Rapture had been delayed. It troubled me very much, so I went to our web site and clicked on the random message pool…and what did I get from more than 1,400 messages? The Rapture has been delayed. It took me a while to catch my breath and consider what this could mean for us and when I came back to my senses I exclaimed… ‘Lord!!!’ Jesus began immediately…

(Jesus) “I am here for you. I know the disappointment you feel, and I have already made provision for it. Springtime will be a source of Joy for all. I know how you feel and how tired you are, can I not restore you?? So that you can move forward…and keep moving forward. Actually, it is a really good thing because you will truly fulfill your calling, if you are willing and the last years of your life will be more productive than the first. That is because I am empowering you, and because of this it will not be the same.”

(Clare) Lord why the delay?

(Jesus) “Why the delay?” you ask? Because you prayed for your president and had his back. You did not slack off, you did not cave into oppression, rather you continued to offer your prayers and yourself for him. Now comes the reward.”

(Clare) And of course, He is talking about all of us who have been praying behind the President.

(Jesus) “You are not alone in this deep bone fatigue. My whole Body is feeling it and that is why a supernatural empowering from My Spirit is coming. I could not have told you this much sooner, because this just came from the Father. It is His prerogative to delay or go forward with the Rapture. It is His decision, and I am telling you now. I knew that when you get wind of this you would not want to believe it. I know the depth of your fatigue, in all areas, but I have a gift for you, a gift the enemy cannot thwart.

“I will ask you to continue in spiritual warfare and put aside your sloth in this area and your aversion. As your enemies read this, they will think they have a golden opportunity to bring you totally down. But this I will not allow and what they sow against you, they shall reap. So be warned, those of you who hate this vessel, what you speak against her, shall be your own undoing.

“I am reversing the tide of suffering you have been swimming against, Clare. Rather you shall swim in the current of My grace and empowering. Your destiny shall not be thwarted, it shall come forward shining like the dawn. This message is for all Heartdwellers who have given the substance of their lives for the good change that is soon to overtake the world.

“Many of you have had time to reflect on the things you didn’t get done, on the vices you still have, on the things you avoided, this is your chance to correct these faults and grow in holiness. The world is about to change, the atmosphere is about to change, and all I can tell you is that things will not be so exceedingly difficult, for the veil of oppression will lift and you will feel it. You will be walking in the graces, your laboring prayers have released.

“The possibilities are endless for those who correspond to the graces which are coming. To those who do not you might as well roll over and pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep. This season is not for sleeping, it is for completing My will on earth. Yes, you are still in the season of the Rapture, those of you, who were born in 1948 are the generation that will see the completion of prophecies that have been written in the ancient past about Israel.”

(Clare) So that means 80 to 120 years from 1948, Lord?

(Jesus) “No, I do not count 120 as a generation, that was not the case in the day when I spoke this prophecy.


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