We’re Talking to Demons



Focus on the first to the third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Stop being afraid of the enemy.

(02) I gave you My Only Son to save your souls.

(03) Use His name against evil.

(04) The enemy tries to intimidate you.

(05) He knows the power you were given though My Son and the Holy Spirit.

(06) If you turn your back, evil will move forward.

(07) If you stand your ground, evil will retreat.

(08) Your voice needs to be heard.

(09) We are certainly seeing the demonic entities speaking loud and clear.

(10) Tell them they cannot have America.

(11) Tell them to remove themselves from your families.

(12) Use all weapons of your warfare and stand tall in My Son’s name.

(13) If evil lies to your face, then you should have more impact speaking the Truth.

(14) Human beings created in my image do desire Truth.

(15) Demons do not, but they also should bow to My Son.

(16) Address them in spirit and in Truth.

(17) Be bold for in these End Times it is needed.

(18) Fear not, rise up, because the Kingdom is at hand.


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