Take Your Stand



Focus on the first to the fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I am rising My people to speak up and come against all evil.

(02) It is time to say NO and take your stand.

(03) This plague is slowly subsiding.

(04) This was an evil attack on the world to destroy the elderly and to create a form of

population control.

(05) You live in fear of everything.

(06) When you accept fear you open the door for attack.

(07) You certainly are not operating in faith when you have fear.

(08) If you do not know the Truth you believe the lies.

(09) Biden is alive and making many mistakes!

(10) His brain is no longer functioning properly.

(11) Many persons love Me, but few are My true prophets.

(12) Inflation is happening and America will STOP!

(13) My timing is perfect and events will happen as I see fit.

(14) Do not try so hard to figure out when events will occur.

(15) The time you live in will not get better.

(16) This is the blessed generation that will not see death, but will see much evil.

(17) Evil days are numbered before Christ Second Coming.

(18) Open your eyes to the Truth and know the Holy Trinity is always with you.

(19) The Kingdom of God away from the mob is the only place to be where evil will flee.

(20) Listen to the Holy Spirit’s plea.


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