Engineered Literature


Amber Snider, the Administrator of the group Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Debate Page, wrote the following engineered essay on November 4 , 2020.

“Hey members. Please read this and give it a thumbs up once you have read it so we know you read it. Thanks.

Ok everyone… something needs to be brought to the attention of the group.

Be careful with the words you choose.

For the first time our group (and others) is dealing with Facebook over stepping and micromanaging us. They’ve been deleting comments and turning off comments in many posts.

We’ve struggled with how to handle this. Honestly we don’t want to see comments deleted as that interrupts the flow of conversation. For the time being try altering your cuss words. For example: F*ckB@ss, C-nt, B!t€h, etc.

Replacement of letters will continue to convey what you want to say (hopefully)without Facebook flagging it for removal.

That’s my best solution for comments.

As for the entire threads that are being shut down, I’m at a loss. Maybe if we are cautious for a while it will settle.


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