Evil Will Lose America



Focus on the ninth to the thirteenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) America is about to fall into total chaos.

(02) You already know about the crash.

(03) All hell will break loose as Biden screams its way out of office.

(04) Some people will profess profanities and abominations publicly.

(05) You will see looting and rioting everywhere as the economy falls apart.

(06) It will be a real time of testing of your faith.

(07) You must weather the storm.

(08) It will look as if I have abandoned America.

(09) I assure I will not, and America will return to the hand of My people.

(10) America must fall to her knees and be stopped before she can walk with My blessings.

(11) My babies must be set free from murder.

(12) Roe vs Wade is about to take a hit.

(13) All lives matter and foolishness will stop when one thinks one life has more meaning.

(14) Wait and expect My hand to transform America to the way before Roe vs Wade.

(15) I can never bless a nation that justifies murdering innocent lives for convenience.


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