They Will Make It Through



Focus on the the fourth to the eighth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Get ready to go shopping and see all the empty shelves.

(02) You are going to feel like America is in hell.

(03) Get yourself extra food, water and supplies so you will not be denied.

(04) America will come back from this fall.

(05) This time she will follow Me always on bended knee.

(06) It will never again be turned over to Satan.

(07) She will remain with Me, and will never again flee.

(08) It is time to turn the key for a new destiny.

(09) My people will meet Christ in the air.

(10) My people will be removed to walk beside Their Lord and will never be ignored.

(11) The rest will be left standing around because they left their candles die out and did not

listen for the trumpet sound.

(12) Trump is sounding the trumpet for The Second Coming.

(13) You better all start running to finish the race.

(14) Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

(15) The Holy Spirit is always near. Receive His God’s Wisdom.

(14) Plan for the crash, it will be here at last.

(15) It will be like a severe storm.

(16) President Trump is back in control and America is once again out of the hole.


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