Bright Star, March 26, 2021


March 26, 2021 – During the Rosary after the Stations of the Cross

Bethlehem Community, New Brunswick, CANADA

Blessed Mother Mary: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love, and I thank you once again for answering God’s call. O My son, the world has gone farther and farther into darkness. We have come throughout this world for many years begging our children to return to their God. And My children have turned it away. They have entered into the world and chose worldly desires over My Son. O My children, My Heart is breaking for the loss of so many children. I go throughout the world begging My children that if they do not turn back, the Justice of God will become even more intense. O My children, you see a lull in the Justice of God and you think that things aren’t about to happen, but I assure you my children all things are almost ready to fulfill all that God has prophesied through these years. O My children, why won’t you listen to your Mother who cries for you every day and intercedes for you? You do not understand what is ahead of you. Many children throughout the world will die this year, My children. Many will die unprepared. It is only the few that are praying to save these children of Mine.

O My children, Holy Week is approaching and I ask you to contemplate the Passion of My Son who suffered so much for your sins. If you just turn back and ask forgiveness, He will forgive you, My children. But if you continue on the path you have chosen, you will be lost to Us forever. O My children, what can a Mother do to bring back Her wayward children? I cry, I plead, I pray and no one responds but the few. I ask you, My little ones who stand firm, to continue with your Lenten practices, to pray for these children who will be lost in a very short time. Only through your continued prayer, your fasting, your penance, can you help your Mother save Her children.

O My children, do you have the compassion in your heart to give up the things of the world and pray and do penance for your brothers and your sisters? Once you cross the veil, My children, you will understand how even one extra Hail Mary will save a soul, or stop a war. O My children, you are but the few but you can accomplish so much. I ask you, My children, to continue to pray, pray, pray, offered up in reparation to your God because men can not see what is unfolding.

Under the Earth things are moving, and in the universe the ball is headed towards the Earth already. Just because, My children, you can not see these things with your eyes, I assure you all this things are about to happen. Your economy, My children, is hanging by a thread. Have you taken account of all, for soon you will not be able to purchase anything. Are you like the wise virgins, are you ready? The Bridegroom is about to enter.

O, My children. I know I have asked you through many years, but the hour is now at hand. Be prepared My children, pray for your families, pray for your children, My dear children. I know, My children, the time is long, the crosses are heavy, and I know, My children, that you love Me so much. I ask you and I thank you, to continue to pray and to help Me save as many as possible. O My children, the war is about to start, so many will be lost.

Pray My children, pray. I ask you to remember Peter II, for it is now time for him to come forward. I ask all My priests, bishops and cardinals to defend the truth, for I will bring him forward with great power and might and you will know that I have sent him. I love you, My children, and I ask you to defend the truth above all things.

All the world has gone so far into darkness that My children do not even understand what the truth is anymore. They have attacked every level of life that God has put in place. O My children, you will suffer so much for what you are doing to the unborn; what you are doing to the children. My children are not being taught the truth, a whole generation could be lost, because they do not know the truth, because parents have gone on their way and thought it is not important to teach them of their Savior. O My children, you will be accountable for all these things. These children were given to you, and you were supposed to take care of your children, bringing them back to God. O My children, My Heart is so heavy, because so many children will be lost, even young children. O My Heart aches, My children. Please comfort Me.

Bright Star: Our Lady now looks around the chapel. She goes to each person in the chapel and She makes the sign of the Cross on their forehead and Mother kisses them. And now Mother is back at the front and She is looking around.

Blessed Mother Mary: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My children, I ask you to remember St. Joseph in your prayers. He is a great intercessor for you to your God. Pray, My children, that he will defend the truth, that he will drive out the demons and that he will assist you on your journey. I ask you, My children, please intercede to my Spouse, ask him to help you and he will come to your aid. Ask Him to be with you and He will come and fight for you. I love you, My Children, and I thank you, and I will remain tonight until the end of prayers. Please, My children, take to heart all that I have told you for the hour is at hand, and there will be so many lost.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


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