Let Freedom Ring



Focus on the twenty ninth to the thirty second minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Go back to the foundation of America where freedom and their beliefs were


(02) Americans founded the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence based on

the Bible.

(03) America worshipped Christ freely in all areas of Government.

(04) America, My beautiful land, you must truly stand.

(05) Roe vs Wade will be squelched to the ground and America will turn around.

(06) America will keep coming back to Me and the enemy will flee.

(07) America is on bending knee as she realizes the seriousness of this evil attack.

(08) Time for truth, justice and the American Way, and for a brighter day.


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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Amen! Let babies live and FREEDOM ring! Great news.

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