They Are My Army



The Almighty Father said:

My will shall be done and it will in My time . . . not yours.

America will collapse and you will see shelves bare again.

America will be in bending knee.

Stop living in fear and trust Me.

He announced twenty impending hardships to America:

(01) Chaos will occur in the streets.

(02) The essentials will not be available.

(03) Your normal daily lives will be disrupted.

(04) Prices will be very high.

(05) It will be a real challenge to lose everyday lifestyle.

(06) It will be a time to get out of self because you will be lacking your normal daily life.

(07) You will learn quickly to get unspoiled and be thankful for the food on your plate.

(08) The things you take for granted will no longer be granted.

(09) Many persons will be waiting in line for food and supplies.

(10) Travel will be limited to the wealthy because it will become to expensive.

(11) Freedom of speech will return as everyone will need help.

(12) Sacrificing to help others will be common and evil will steal for survival.

(13) Streets will not be safe as demons manifest.

(14) Religion will come back into the open and Jesus will be a comfort to many people.

(15) It will be a time of great healing for all people.

(16) Love will be the key in surviving this woe.

(17) Humility will also return in this sorrow.

(18) Prayer will become accepted everywhere.

(19) Evil will be pushed back.

(20) Gold and silver will rise and president Trump will step in.


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