America, Come Back To Life!



Focus on the second to the fifth minute of the video for the Holy Spirit’s message.

(01) It is now time for all truth is sublime.

(02) The bells will shine as we dine, and freedom will run across America once again.

(03) Evil will stop its grin and take its place behind the scenes as it screams.

(04) Justice will prevail and evil will be nailed.

(05) When you fight the good fight of Faith nothing can escape.

(06) Sound the bells of victory, it is true liberty and justice for all as evil falls.

(07) America, America, you are always my land, this is why evil could not stand.

(08) Time to take each other by the hand to rejoice with the Father.

(09) The almighty dollar will crash as gold and silver rise higher and higher

and set the economy on fire.

(10) You will see My people walk into a healthy hand.

(11) Take you fortune and use it for my glory . . . it does fulfill the rest of the story.

(12) Evil one day will be through and nothing else for it do do.

(13) Christ is the King of Glory . . . He ends the story.

(14) You will be moved with the power and the fire. [Holy Spirit]

(15) Evil is the liar.

Come Back To Life In The Name of Christ


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