Highlights of Christina Gallagher, July 16, 2021


It follows the highlights of the article Christina Gallagher, July 16, 2021, comprising an urgent, supreme appeal to the salvation of humanity.

(01) Christ complains His people fail to care about Messages from Heaven. People will live

and die by the flesh and the world.

(02) The Antichrist is at our door and will devour us in multiple ways, because the

takeover of the world is with us and we fail to see it.

(03) Christ has offered us His protection, and we have rejected it.

(04) The “wise virgins” responded but everybody else has refused life and will now partake

of death at the hands of the man of death.

(05) The Rosary will bring us much protection and many graces. Those who could be

of benefit to draw people into awareness of Christ’s messages have preferred

their self status in the world.

(06) The Houses of Protection were left without workers.

(07) Christ pleaded in vain for the House of New York. The parable of the “foolish virgins”

is being fulfilled in the world.

(08) The control to be enforced upon us is imminent, and the Catholic Church will be

destroyed. The shepherds have permitted the Antichrist to take control of the

Church, but Christ will rescue the Remnant Church.

(09) The Safe Havens are left as refuge for the Remnant Church.

(10) Those of the world living in the world rejected Christ’s greatest gifts.

(11) The Truth will be with the remnants through Christ’s messengers.

(12) Christ sorrows for the lack of people to come to His vineyard.

(13) Pray for Mercy.

Follow Christ’s appeal.


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