Turn In The Key



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) You are Mine and I am yours . . . We are one.

(02) Your love for Me will continue to blossom as you see how My Father moves in to stop

all evil going on in the White House.

(03) I am bringing America back online with the truth and the proof.

(04) Time to set the captives free and take away those who do not belong in the

control of America.

(05) Watch the show as you see the truth right before your very eyes.

(06) This is My land, so come and take My hand, and walk with Me today and everyday.

(07) We are taking back what the enemy stole while we check the pools.

(08) Spread the word about watching this election proof.

(09) America will be watching as evil stops prospering.

(10) Time to “Turn In The Key”, evil will flee.

(11) Trust in Me, I am Christ, and I love you so very much.

(12) Pray and see the victory for America belongs to Me, and the world will finally see.


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