Off The Train of Distrain



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Truth, justice and the American Way are here to stay. No more delay!

(02) There has been enough distrain.

(03) It is time to look at the vine and see how things are growing.

(04) It is all in the knowing.

(05) What lies ahead for the world and when Christian will go up in the whirl.

(06) Should they prepare for famine?

(07 Look around and see, is there still plenty for you and for Me?

(08) Many will disagree, but you need to be free.

(09) Watch the weather for it will show the times you are in and when the true tribulation

will begin.

(10) Will you still be able to grin? There will be many living in sin.

(11) Read the biblical stories so you will not worry.

(12) You will then know the truth of the timeframe. It is the proof.

(13) The Father needs to show His wrath to all His staff who have gone astray into the

devil’s array.

(14) Time to pick up the pieces from all men’s grievances and see why they have become

so cold. The Father will scold.

(15) This story must be told.

(16) If people do not repent, they will be sent to the fires of Hell.

(17) They will not be well.

(18) Listen to your heart . . . Your Father is speaking.

(19) Tell the world about Christ, He is the only one to see you through life and the storms.

(20) They will be coming and will not be normal.

(21) This is the time to see all of the Father’s plea.

(22)) To come aboard His train, away from all the disdain.

(23) Refrain to live in sin.

(24) His Kingdom will be where you will win.

(25) It is time to begin . . .


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