A Dialogue between Mother Mary and Sister Clare



July 16, 2021 – Words from Mother Mary & Sister Clare

(Clare) May the Lord grant you keen discernment and perfect freedom from the lies of a religious spirit that always seeks to distort the truth, especially when it threatens Satan’s kingdom… Amen

I marvel that the mother of Jesus comes to visit and instruct us. I marvel even more that I can hardly tell the difference between her and the Lord’s words. It must be because her heart is so totally united to His. There is something about her that is so much like Him. But I have been fighting a wall of haze, difficult to hear and see through. And I do not know whether this is opposition from the enemies of Christ – or my own shortcomings. But I know I can trust our Lord to bring me through to the other side, and to bring accurate messages to you.

I just miss, really, being close to Him. There have been a few moments where we have danced together, and where He held me, it was so precious. I would love to go back to those places, they are very nourishing and strengthening.

Well, so many terrible wars and famines are being unleashed. Nigeria, India, Haiti, Cuba and South Africa, I believe to install the Marxist agenda and take freedom from the face of the earth. Please my dear family, pray for them, pray. I cried out during the Rosary to Our Lady to please help me to hear clearly. With all those things going on, my heart is so attached to everything. And she answered me and said…

(Mother Mary) “I am here, and I hear your cry for help. So many around the world are starving, and this happens deliberately, and now it is coming to your country. Your prayers for them avail much. Pray for them very much. It is so tragic, Clare, and this is another reason why things must be accelerated.”

(Clare) And here she is talking about the Rapture.

(Mother Mary) “Each day that goes by, more of these innocents are suffering and dying of disease and starvation. All of this has been preplanned by those who run the world. They have no compassion what so ever for anyone outside of their own. Do not despair, truly your prayers are effective to bring comfort to those who are without. This is another reason why all of you should be models of moderation so that no one can accuse you of stealing from the poor.

“The poor are God’s gift to you. It is by comforting them that the Lord Himself is comforted. Never neglect to do a good work when you can. Each little thing you do brings Him great happiness and fulfillment, and it shows that you are indeed children of Your Heavenly Father.

“It is by denying comfort to those in need that your heart becomes hardened. By watching over yourselves carefully, knowing that you can increase others that are in extreme need by limiting what you do with your own resources, softens your heart and sets the right example for others.

“I want to address your deep sadness, Clare. If there were another way to do this, Jesus would have found it. But the layers of corruption go so very deep in this country and throughout the world that the time has truly come to begin the cleansing of planet Earth.”

(Clare) Mother, I do not understand how there can be this glorious new age everyone is talking about with all of this going on, knowing that we too are targets for destruction.

(Mother Mary) “One hopes for the best, does what one can and anticipates the remainder. You have a good leader in President Trump, and he has made quality decisions. But there is a point at which that, what actually happens, determines the counter measures.

“There are many complicated dynamics to weight in the balance, between politics, famine, and shortages of every kind. So many dynamics come forward and there is no easy clean solution. Much depends on how injured this nation becomes right now, that is the priority.”


The first three paragraphs of the article refer to the diary of a soul (Clare).

The fourth paragraph initiates world affairs. Like Fascism preceding Marxism, it should also rest in an infamy museum.

Mother Mary has an intriguing note in the fifth paragraph. ” So many around the world are starving, and this happens deliberately, and now it is coming to your country.” Not in America, many countrymen would affirm . . . America, prepare for the storm, at least to ensure the supply chain.

Clare hints the Rapture in the sixth paragraph. The Rapture is a delusion for some people, for they admit the world will continue to exist as we know it. No, apocalyptic events are accelerating, particularly catastrophes, wars and rumors of wars.

 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” (Matthew 24: 21-22).

Mother Mary refers to power and corruption in the seventh paragraph. The Apostle Paul Saint mentions inequity at the end times in his letters.

Paragraphs eighth and ninth are theological . . . love your neighbor as yourself.

The tenth paragraph alludes to purification during the tribulation.

The last three paragraphs of the dialogue present the role of America in political dynamics in the world.


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