Prophecy – What’s Left?



Focus on the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) My people must realize, when the economy collapses, and it will, they are not to panic,

but to trust Our Father.

(02) It will be a time like never before, and you will fell abandoned.

(03) This regime must not continue, for the Father says so.

(04) Be one with the Father and the Son, otherwise you will falter.

(05) The enemy is wise when following human personalities for generations.

(06) He knows how to make you tremble in fear.

(07) You must get out of self and into Our Hearts to accomplish your purposes.

(08) I am with you and you truly have to stop looking to this world for your answers.

(09) You will not find them just as I did not.

(10) For We are One in the Kingdom and always will be.

(11) Father, I pray for them to be able to stand fast while the raging storms of life are all

around them.

(12) Your bodies are the temple of the Lord and I will direct them to wherever

they need to go.

(13) Objects of this world are not to be looked at as permanent, they can be fleeting.

(13) Your souls can go to Hell if you choose the other side.

(14) Do not walk in pride, stand by My side.

(15) Tell them I love them and will be with them as the Earth crumbles and rumbles, and

explodes with fire.

(16) Tell them to fear not, because when they are in fear they are not in faith.

(17) Love one another.


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