Decision about Rapture and Judgment


Jesus explains… Rapture & Judgment… A Decision has been made & The Preparations are completed

March 23, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Jesus) “My heart is sick unto death, Beloved. So great is the iniquity of My people, that I do not wish to see it for even one more day. And yet there are exceptions to this. There are those who love Me with every fiber of their being. And yes, you are one of those. Do not fear. You have loved Me with great purity of heart, despite the distractions, the condemnations hurled at you by the enemy. Even the invitations to worldly gain. Despite your failures, Clare, you have cleaved to Me with all your heart, and I see your misdemeanors as petty and unworthy of notice.

“I know you are very careful, almost scrupulous. But this is not about you. The sickness Ezekiel is feeling has nothing to do with you. It is about the decaying, rotten corpse of My Church. And yet, you are of the part that is healthy and strong in love and devotion.

“How I pine away for My apostate Bride! How I suffer with her diseased soul. This is why I must retire into your sweet devotion to Me, so that I be reminded there are many who have not gone that way. They are for Me, not against Me. They want the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with all their hearts.

“But those poor, misguided, uncircumcised souls whose consciences are sealed shut—for them, I mourn. And the stench of their corpse reaches to Heaven, so foul is it.

“Listen, My people. You have gone the way of Death. You have leagued yourself with Hell. You have allied yourselves with those who have an empty, chalk-faced piety—but, in fact, are children of Satan. You have not sought My Heart nor My Will, but have chosen the ways of the World.

“Shall I then take you Homeward, as if Heaven were your Home? That is My heart—but you are NOT ready. Not by a long shot. You will better understand this after the Rapture, when you see what the cost of belonging to Me truly is, and you’re willing to pay it.

“Those decisions you found so very hard, during this time, will not even enter into the picture anymore. Rather, it will be a life-and-death existence. Many of you will be murdered. Some tortured. Thousands executed for their faith, because they finally woke up to Who they belong to. They finally saw they belonged to Me and never, ever, want to be separated from Me – even if it means their death. I would like to spare you this kind of existence, but you have not been faithful to Me. “The Rapture is for those who are faithful; have lived and sacrificed for Me. Have not thought of what they wanted, but have done only what was given them from Me to do. They have borne the persecution and calumny of the ages for My sake and remained faithful in doctrine and duties. They have not bent the knee to any man made god. Rather, they’ve turned their backs on those invitations, even when it meant their sustenance. They did not pass by the beggar on the corner, but gave even out of their own need.

“You, on the other hand, have compromised for the sake of convenience and gain. You did not stand for My choices to govern your country – and to this day, you approve those with evil hearts. Yet you call yourselves by My Name!

“But I tell you. I do not know you. Time is running out for you. If you do not repent and change course—quickly! You will be left behind with those who never knew Me. And in the midst of travail you will be given a choice to return to Me, though the cost may be your life.

“And for you, My Bride that has remained faithful. I will delay no longer. A decision has been made; preparations for the Wedding Feast are completed. All that is lacking is your presence. I am coming to get you.


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