Christ Says This Is Serious



Jesus speaks directly to Christians from the beginning to the seventh minute of the video, and the Almighty Father gives a message from the fifteenth to the eighteenth minute of the video.


The Almighty Father’s Message

(01) The Earth in her sin it only just begins.

(02) My wrath will pour down on the Earth, and so begins her new birth.

(03) Those wrapped with pride will die, but those who repent the Holy Spirit will be sent.

(04) Watch the weather anomalies and the falling economy.

(05) It is time to start to tell the truth . . . the world is falling apart . . . that is the proof.

(06) You say it is because of climate change, it shows your ignorance, for it is My rage.

(07) You have pushed Me away so many times, now you will pay for your crimes.

(08) It is so sad to see the destruction of the planet, but the Earth will remain and will be

brought back to Me.

(09) Those who love Me are one with My heart. We will never part . . .

(10) Biden took the crown and now he will be pulled down.

(11) From his arrogance of the presidency he made America to look weak to the world.

(12) His agenda was to make America fall.

(13) America will see on her bending knee that evil will flee.

(14) Your deliverance is at hand, you are no longer in the sinking sand.

(15) Rise up My people and rejoice in the Lord always to see a brighter day.

(16) We are One and My will shall be done.


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