12 Things



“It is time, My People, for you to truly recognize My Holy Spirit and His purpose on your lives. The Kingdom of God is at hand, do you understand?” said the Almighty Father.

Note: The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier.


The Almighty Father revealed 12 Things about to occur.

Examine the eleventh to the seventeenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s

12 Things.

(01) Mount Vesuvius will blow again and thousands will be killed.

(02) The Earth is unstable and the lava flow is mounting up. Volcanos will go off in

various places.

(03) Large hail stones, like bricks, will fall from the sky and destroy glass buildings.

(04) California will have earthquakes.

(05) The Mississippi River will overflow its banks in a record breaking flood and many

homes and farms will be destroyed.

(06) Satan is trying to destroy the human race. It is a disgrace! Keep your eyes on

Christ’s face. It still not too late.

(07) The masks are not here to stay. Freedom will come your way. It is all a display to put

fear in your hearts so you can follow the enemy like robots.

(08) Hold your ground, listen to the Father’s sound, you are gaining ground.

(09) Do not take something that does not belong to you.

(10) Holding on to anger may be unjustified and in error.

(11) Forgiveness is part of the Kingdom of God.

(12) Hatred without a cause . . . you can be mistaken over something you think

somebody did and the person did not even do it.


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